Uizard updates
Uizard updates

Screenshots conversion to editable design mockups


New feature


The all-time most requested feature ever has finally been released πŸŽ‰

We cannot be happier to present our new AI feature, which is an absolute game changer in the whole prototyping industry: screenshots conversion to editable design mockups πŸ”₯

This long-awaited AI feature empowers you to convert screenshots from any website or app to editable design mockups in seconds πŸš€

Check the video below to see an exemplary screenshot's conversion:

Enhanced 'Form' components functionality


New feature


It’s now possible to employ all 'Form' components for creating an even more unique interactive prototypes experience! πŸ™Œ

This update includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ability to edit dropdown component contents.

  • Ability to set checkboxes state (choose whether they should be checked or unchecked).

  • Ability to specify the position of the range slider component.

Find out all about the aforementioned functionalities in the short introductory video below:

New icon search


New feature


We've introduced a completely new icon search, which helps to navigate across hundreds of available custom icons in the most efficient manner. Find any icons needed for your project within a few seconds! πŸš€

Bug fixes and improvements implemented




πŸ›  Fixed: incorrect 'Viewers' permissions for the new editor layout

Users with the 'Viewers' role had incorrect permissions after introducing a new editor layout, which prevented them from using some basic editor functionalities.




πŸ’‘ Introduced images pasting from a clipboard

It's now possible to simply paste the images into your project straight from a clipboard. As a result, images uploading has become significantly faster & easier πŸ™Œ

πŸ’‘ Enhanced navigation experience by automatically moving canvas while dragging the note

From now on, your canvas will move automatically whilst dragging a note within your project. This will help you to navigate within the canvas much more efficiently:

πŸ’‘ Removed restrictions for saving single components as templates

As requested by many Uizard users, we've enabled the component templates creation for single components. If it ever was an issue for you, worry no more!

Google Social Login


New feature


From now on, new Uizard users can sign up/log in by using the Google Social Login πŸš€


Bug fixes and improvements implemented




πŸ›  Fixed: project export inconsistencies 

Under certain circumstances prototypes, the export feature was working inconsistently, which resulted in prototype export failures.

πŸ›  Fixed: inaccurate browser tabs' names

Uizard pages and project names were displayed inaccurately across all browsers’ tabs menu.

πŸ›  Fixed: components layers set are displayed incorrectly 

The components’ layers order was rendered incorrectly, which resulted in issues whilst building multi-layered prototype designs.

πŸ›  Fixed: cannot sign up due to browser cookies 

Some users weren't able to sign up due to specific cookies stored in their browsers. 

πŸ›  Fixed: internet connection interruptions cause discrepancies between user and server data

An unstable internet connection was resulting in discrepancies between user and server data in the prototype user was working on. In some cases, it resulted in losing the most recent changes made after the browser's refresh.

πŸ›  Fixed: 'Quick Start' controls are shown even with some content's presence on a screen

'Quick start' controls (which are used to kick off a new screen with a template or sketch) sometimes were shown even though there already were some components on the screen.

πŸ›  Fixed: 'fit-to-text' setting doesn't work

One of the most popular text components setting 'fit-to-text' wasn't working under certain circumstances.

πŸ›  Fixed: zooming with the trackpad gets the editor stuck

In some cases, zooming canvas with the trackpad was resulting in the editor (prototype's editing page) getting completely stuck.




πŸ’‘ Global text selection was disabled

We've disabled global text selection in the editor (prototype's editing page) in order to avoid all text selection by mistake.

Attention Heatmap (AI feature)


New feature


Introducing "Attention Heatmap" πŸ”₯

With this AI-assisted feature, you can now predict where your users' attention will go based on your designs - check out this video.

This is especially helpful for predicting your screens' performance and creating a great user experience that delivers desired results, every time! 🀩

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 15.37.55.png

The Attention Heatmap feature is currently free to try!

Upgrade to Uizard Pro to get unlimited usage to ensure and deliver great designs for your projects consistently. Go try it out!

New editor layout


New feature


We cannot be happier to announce that the new editor layout has been released πŸ‘

For months we have thoroughly registered and analysed Uizard users' feedback and dedicated significant focus on reworking our existing editor for the best prototyping experience.

That being said, the new editor layout is a huge step towards the design democratizination we are striving for: the prototyping has never been so fast and easy before! πŸš€


Stripe Checkout integration


New feature


We have integrated Stripe Checkout in order to make Uizard Subscriptions' purchasing process as easy & fast as possible πŸš€

In addition to that, the Stripe Checkout integration has enabled us to add more payment methods and currency options. You can expect to get an update in regard to these functionalities in a foreseeable future πŸ™Œ


Bug fixes and improvements implemented




πŸ›  Fixed: screens cannot be grouped

Grouping screens (or artboards) with other components resulted in various issues hindering the prototyping experience.

πŸ›  Fixed: interactions leading to components, which are out of the screen's boundaries

It was possible to create interactions which are connected to the components positioned outside the screen's (or artboard's) boundaries. As a result, interactions were working inconsistently on 'Preview mode'.

πŸ›  Fixed: extremely large projects exceeding data storage limits

For users who were working on extremely big projects (at least 100 screens) the Uizard app performance suddenly decreased. After investigating this issue, the Product Team found out that this was happening due to exceeding some of the data storage limits.

Fortunately, the Product Team was able to remove the limitations in question and the issue was fixed in no time πŸš€




πŸ’‘ Navigation mode

We have introduced 'navigation mode', which enables users to navigate within a project without unintentionally selecting or moving the prototype's screens and components: